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Casey Verbeck
Casey Verbeck


Casey Verbeck

Investment, BSW


Casey Verbeck is the Head of BSW Missions, which specializes in client philanthropic and impact investing objectives. In this role, he works closely with clients to identify and support opportunities to address social and environmental challenges. He also serves as BSW brand manager, creating and directing the firm’s outreach efforts.
Prior to joining BSW, Casey spent the last 16 years as CEO running two firms. His primary focus was working with clients to manage and strategically guide their businesses in the entertainment industry and impact sector. His work in these areas has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, the New York Times, Good Morning America, and others.
Casey has advised some of the largest domestic and international non-profit organizations on partnership frameworks, alternative financing solutions, program design and impact reporting. Some of Casey’s most rewarding engagements include work with The Nature Conservancy, Feeding America, the UN Foundation and National Geographic. He also launched the [i4c] campaign, in partnership with ABC television and Sarah McLachlan, which supports the growth of impact entrepreneurs in the US and highlights the importance of both impact investing as an asset class and the triple-bottom-line business methodology. Since its launch, the [i4c] campaign has touched over 50 million people.
Casey is a seasoned entrepreneur and has learned by doing. He currently sits on the board at CU Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, i4c LLC and advisory board to Earth Vision Trust. He enjoys fly-fishing, snow-boarding, cycling and is still trying to master the art of surfing. His number one passion is his wife, Lisa, and two kids, Miles and Avery.